200hr Yoga Teacher Training Dubai, Skydive Dubai, XYoga Dubai
A priceless moment and yogic seal of approval during our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2013 captured with Dubai Crown Prince - His Highness Sheikh Hamdan at Skydive Dubai, UAE.


Clara Roberts-Oss and Nico Luce joined forces to deliver a 'one of a kind' and very first 100 hour Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai, designed for current teachers and graduates of a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, to hone their teaching skills, deepen their understanding of Vinyasa Yoga [Prana Flow, Forrest Yoga, Power Yoga, Anusara, Jivamukti, Classical Ashtanga], go deeper into the anatomy of an injured body and ways to rehabilitate, lead their own 30 minute classes receiving expert feedback from Nico and Clara and learn how to weave two key ancient masterpieces that reshaped spirituality in the eastern world, the sacred texts of Bhagavad Gita and the Chinese Taoist principles on the art of living into their class themes.


Came to this training with an intention of learning from 2 amazing teachers, and ended up learning from 15 other students as well. The teamwork between Clara and Nico was felt from day 1 and the environment they established for us was one of trust enabling everyone to be open, speak our minds and overcome the challenges our body and mind experienced in the 12 days of training. Both teachers are passionate about their yoga and it shines through, which makes me aspire to always grow in my teachings.  I've lost count as to which number of training I've attended through Yogalates Bliss in Dubai. Noura El-Imam's passion for yoga and seeing teachers grow radiates from her. She makes sure everything is taken care of, from helping students sort out their accommodation to ensuring everyone's been fed by providing lunch options. She checks in on the students almost daily and just brings about more smiles and happiness. Yogalates Bliss in Dubai is about bringing quality teachers in a quality space, enabling learning and growth for everyone. - Aisha Bubshait from Bahrain

Attending the 100 hours Advance Vinyasa Teacher training with Nico and Clara is definitely a highlight of my journey as a yoga teacher. Their vast knowledge was overwhelming from day one, in a good yogi way. I remember it clear, coming back to my hotel room after that first day and thinking to myself: this is going to be an intense and advanced yoga course! and I loved it! Their first anatomy class made me want to learn more. In their two weeks they gave me wings to fly and find my own way and voice within my yoga teaching and self-practice. My actions are now defined by their teaching skills. Sequencing my yoga classes have taken a big turn too. Following the form of my peak pose throughout my sequence planning is probably the best input I got from them. It has been just over a week since we completed the course and I feel that my yoga teaching and own practice is now richer thanks to their course. Loved it! - Marleni Hill from Peru

I absolutely loved my experience. Clara and Nico are soulful beings with years of teaching and I feIt grateful to have received my training from them. I felt I was given a new pair of eyes to see myself, my students and the world. Reading the Gita and Tao made all the difference in how I approach my own practice and how I will teach it to my students. I loved our morning rituals and the practice. I felt disciplined , committed and present. It was definitely what I was looking for and I got it . Meeting all the wonderful teachers , listening to their stories and connecting with them was a humbling experience. Very grateful for it. Lara Kalla from Jordan


I  am extremely happy with both courses I've signed up for with Yogalates. The quality of teachers and the courses have definitely raised the bar quite high. I'm very grateful the Yogalates Bliss in Dubai has helped me with go deeper into my yoga journey, and couldn't have felt more grateful. Also, Noura El-Imam's passion and care (and constant availability) for her trainees is seriously appreciated. - Amna Raisi from UAE

I had attended several trainings in the past which refined my practice, however, these 100 hours with Nico and Clara were even better because of their combined explosive energy, strong reading materials and covering nearly all the postures  in the asana lab section.  - Lamia Benhammou from Morocco 

The course was beyond my expectations. I’ve learnt so much about anatomy, philosophy, and simple discipline in just 100 hours. Clara and Nico were very present and open to give all the information they have for everyone. Daily meditation and practise were the highlights of the course to me. I got to learn so much about sequencing, actions, posture, discipline and more important the love for yoga. i would do this course again in a heartbeat. - Sarah Fakhouri from Jordan

MARCH 2016

Dubai Yoga Therapy Teacher Training with Zephyr Wildman Yogalates Bliss

Zephyr's 30 hour Therapeutic Elements of Yoga Teacher Training welcomed yoga and pilates teachers / practitioners, nutritionists, health & lifestyle therapists all looking to build, tweak, refine and sharpen their therapeutic background and application in a yoga practice - from fascinating discussions of postural integrity and the spine, physical manifestations that stem from mental challenges, lifestyle and genetic predispositions, anatomy and function of the feet, knees and hips, the importance of creating a strong foundation (feet, knees, hips) to address the rest of the body, evaluating postures, improving range of motion to ease chronic pain in areas around the shoulder and neck.


AUGUST 2015 & JULY 2016

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai Yogalates Bliss Erica Blitz

A dynamic group of trainees from all walks of life - nutritionist, life coach, artist, budding yoga teachers, passionate yogis, clinical psychologist and one male osteopath, made up this incredible group of teacher trainees embarking on a month long journey of practicing, teaching, and learning 200 hours of  Yoga crafted by Santa Barbara based master teacher Erica Blitz Yoga - focusing on the style and discipline of Vinyasa flow : integrating the movement of the body to the rhythm of the breath to connect to the beauty, strength and grace of the body with a deep understanding of the science of alignment based on Iyengar and the life-affirming essence of Anusara.

Inquire and Inspire stands out from other programs for the first and most important reason that Erica Blitz was true to her word! I was given the opportunity to deepen my own yoga practice while confidently equipping myself with the knowledge and tools to be able to teach yoga to others. The balance between yoga as a science, a philosophy and an art was intricately woven into the teaching. Moreover, although an ancient practice, the relevance and need for yoga in the world we live in today was very compelling and thought provoking as was witnessed in our daily meditations, discussions and practice. Furthermore, as a mother of four, musician and music educator, the teachings, tools and techniques that I learnt from Erica were far beyond what I expected and without a doubt could be used in every aspect of my life…for this I am eternally grateful.  

In the words of Erica, ‘Above and beyond all the text book teachings, the students receive my heart. I offer EVERYTHING in these trainings. It’s my job to see the beauty in each and every students and to bring even more of it out’…and yes indeed, she was true to her word! Grateful, humbled and blessed. ~ Nerissa Lobo

Without any fail I want to let you know that this experience with Erica Blitz (organized by lovely Noura El-Imam) is like experiencing the best thing or the best investment I have ever thought of. This is and will be the best and first most important teacher's training experience for me, which will always stay close to my heart and add memories in my journey towards yoga. Erica has an amazing way of teaching and her experience that she has shared with us can't be described in words. This experience is more than just taking a training. It is something that can't be expressed in words. I feel I have done one of the best thing in life by being her student.

I remember day 1 of the training which started with mixed feelings but now I am pretty sure what I am taking back with me and can answer my own multiple queries that I had before coming to this course that were not only related to yoga but was a part of my journey called life. I came to the training with a mixed feeling since I had a cervical injury. I have come out of that injury without taking ANY medicine and now I can proudly say YOGA IS MEDICINE THAT CAN CURE YOU WITHOUT ANY SIDE EFFECTS and I am proud that I have Erica Blitz as my GURU. ~ Rana Kusum

When I registered for Yoga Teacher training, I knew we would be covering all sorts of topics like anatomy, philosophy, asana, but what I didn’t expect was the abundance of ‘life wisdom’ that one inspiring teacher and a curious group of yogis could teach one another. Apart from acknowledging that yoga is truly homemade chicken soup for the soul, click - HERE - to read my nuggets of wisdom that energized and inspired me to ‘think and be yoga’ off the mat ~ Annie Giaro Roydhouse​ 

Heartfelt thanks with much gratitude to Erica Blitz's training. It's a very healing journey for me - both physically and emotionally. The morning dharma talks during meditations at times, touched the core of my being. It allowed to me reflect and contemplate at the end of the day and see life with a different light. Her teaching shines light in many ways. - Christine Lee

It has been a BRILLIANT experience which deepened my personal practice, re-engaged me with previous interests in philosophy, educated me about anatomy in an engaging, accessible and non intimidating way. So many practical tips for teaching and perhaps most importantly really encouraged a sense of self belief. Also - lovely people. - Wendy Johnson

Just a few short months after taking my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai with Erica Blitz, I am teaching yoga several times a week in Doha, and after almost a decade and a half of dreaming of being here - it feels beyond amazing to finally be able to do what I love and help others discover their connection with their bodies, breath, and deepest selves on the mat.

Erica is an incredible teacher whose compassion, grace, humility and clear heartfelt connection to the study, teaching (and living) of the true essence of Yoga was clear to see and feel in every moment of our training. I was deeply humbled, blessed and grateful to have been able to study under someone whose dedication to their calling was so clear and compelling, who was able to create such a safe space where lifelong friendships were created, and whose expert instruction, attention to anatomy, precise cueing and the nuances of yogic philosophy (while also encouraging playfulness and ease on the mat), created such a well-rounded, fulfilling and nourishing experience. The focus on Hatha yoga as well as the Vinyasa style was a solid base that created a very full, expansive viewpoint to study and teach from.

There's something special about Inquire + Inspire.. and you have to experience it for yourself to truly understand. So, I suggest - Inquire, and get Inspired.. and see where this beautiful adventure takes you! I would do it again in a heartbeat!  Thank you Erica for helping me fly my wings and create a life of freedom and yoga. Forever humbled, forever grateful!" - Heba Othman, Health + Wellness Coach

JUNE 20-27, 2015

Bali Yoga Retreat Yogalates Bliss

Picture this: Waking up to the sounds of nature and a panoramic view of volcanoes and mountains.
The smell of heavenly mouth watering breakfast being prepared.
A barefoot walk to a semi open air studio as you roll out your yoga mat to salute Java's volcanoes.

Our first Yogalates Bali Bliss retreat led by Kim Danoher of Phoenix Rising, welcomed 12 clients who were eager to jump-start and boost their yoga practice, relax by the villa's private pools, have a lifetime of an adventure, and reboot their 5 senses.
Jeda Villa was specifically highlighted as "off-the-beaten track", located far away from the chaos of the densely touristic areas in Bali, to allow our guests feeling and leaving empowered, fully recharged by nature's powerful inbound spiritual energy that brings peace and harmony.  “Jeda” is an Indonesian word meaning “Interlude” or a break from reality, a heavenly getaway from the stressful life, which is a wonderful indulgent way to deepen your soul searching practice in the beautiful environment of Pemuteran, a well known scuba diving + snorkeling spot in the north-west of Bali. The days were infused with yoga, snorkelling, waterfall adventures and delicious raw cuisine whipped up our private in-house chef over an unforgettable Balinese traditional dance and a welcome ceremony by the locals.
A complimentary spa treat was the icing on the cake along with new friends made! 

There has not been a day that has gone by that I have not, not thought about Jeda Villa and Bali – both are really special places and hold a very special place in my heart.I had the most amazing time; I have never been fully relaxed like this in a very long time.  

Stephanie our host at the villa was brilliant in sharing her knowledge and an inspiration. Joki our private in-house chef was just mind blowing, what an awesome soul!! Learnt a lot from her. Her food was amazing and she was very accommodating. I learnt I am intolerant to nuts as we were on a diet of raw, vegan and veggie foods - she was accommodating with this and didn’t mind mixing things up. Putu, the healing massager was the cherry on the cake, this man has such a talent and fixed my tight shoulder and knee. He also helped on my tummy, which was amazing. Concerning the villa staff the ladies where very friendly and good – I don’t think they have been so busy, as all 3 villas were full.  My room was always clean and when you needed anything else they assisted. Selamat our Balinese guide was awesome and always there for us, a lovely man.  Kim was brilliant – I enjoyed her yoga teaching very much. I would and have recommended Jeda Villa to my friends and hope to return in the future. Thank you Noura for introducing this very special place to me. - Leigh Brown

I truly had a wonderful time in Bali! Jeda Villas is a perfect place for a retreat and would definitely recommend it to anybody. Stephanie, Joki and the rest of the team were all wonderful and such cool people. Everything felt so natural! Of course I need to mention Kim as well, who is such a lovely lady and challenged me especially in the morning with some fine stretches. Thanks again for all your efforts to make this a remarkable trip for everyone and have a great summer. – Kirsten Tietz 

Noura, huge thank you for persevering and remaining optimistic in me joining the Bali retreat, best experience of my life. The place, the food (Joki is a genius), the people and the yoga were all so well organized and came together to create an awesome trip. I really only have positive feedback - key things I'll highlight: transport from airport to Jeda was super helpful especially if you've never travelled to the North side of Bali before, having chill time during the day where you have the option to go exploring (pool chill was brilliant), being in a more remote location was perfect, having Salamat organising trips to town was lovely, the resort was idyllic and everything was kept so neat/tidy. Stephanie was so helpful and shared some really interesting experiences about the people and Kim's yoga teaching was really great for all levels (well I am a beginner and felt I could keep up but also was given good information on poses and insight into other forms of yoga which was so interesting). Kim really made you feel welcome and spent time getting to know everyone. Finally and this is just luck of the draw - the people were so interesting and lovely! Gosh, I could go on! Main point is thank you very very much! I will definitely be watching for other retreats! – Sally Thornton

MAY 2015

100hr Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Dubai Clara Roberts

Clara Roberts-Oss (www.lilavinyasa.com) invited our participants to explore deeper into the core's common myths, misperceptions and different techniques on how to strengthen it drawing from Ana Forrest Yoga and Prana Flow Yoga by Shiva Rea along with common PT (Physical Training) techniques.  Each morning took off with a 2 hour core focused vinyasa yoga practice + different types of breathwork and the afternoons were dedicated to working on every aspect of teaching and how to crafting creative sequences to build power, space, openness and grace towards key peak poses in the "core" family: Inversions (Handstand, Forearm stand, Headstand) and Arm Balances (Peacock, Bird of Paradise, Dragonfly, King Pigeon).

I’ve had the pleasure of attending quite a few of your workshops here in Dubai. Each one has given me a clearer picture in my yoga experience. My recent workshop with Clara has added texture, landscape and illumination in my mind’s journey - she teaches vibrant color to the sightless.  She orchestrates her classes and teachings in a manner that, evokes in your body, exactly what her mind manifests.  

Throughout the four days of training, I became more aware of the grounding sensation that a great practice brings; an emotional connecting of dots with the physical elements of practice. Connections that were evident in my practice before, but more subtle in sensation and effect.  I’ve had ‘coffee’ with my core previously - but we were just casual friends. Clara made that relationship intimate and deep. She makes you burn bright from the inside out; she inspires you to connect and stoke that which is deep within - it’s a full body core experience.  Clara has become part of my vision board; being nourished by her abundance of knowledge and experience is satisfying soul food for a yogi. I would love to walk for a while with her and see the aspects of yoga through her color wheel. - Brittany Beltram

The overall structure of the workshop was absolutely awesome. The way we started every day’s session was very enlighten. By the time we reach our asana practice we were ready to rock, followed by firing up our core. Thanks Clara you are fantastic your energy made me stronger. - Jeanette 

Clara is a sweetheart and a passionate yoga teacher. Her voice is calming to the ears and supportive + firm at the same time. Her instructions are clear and simplified. Mantras were so powerful and chanting was total bliss! She brought lots of energy to the room with her lovely smile and fascinating dharma talks.  - Majida Talayeh

One of the best training sessions I’ve been on thus far! First time trying out a Yogalates Bliss in Dubai training, Noura was supportive and welcoming even before I flew in for the training, didn’t feel like a stranger walking in, felt like I was catching up with an old friend. Clara is an inspiring teacher, her passion for the practice as well as her experience shines through all the time. I love her style and realness. She’s very open to discussion, difference of opinion, exploring others ideas. The entire four days were from a space of love! - Aysha 

Clara is hugely inspirational –it was a treat to be taught by her. The practices exhibited the knowledge that she was imparting so that we could learn it kinesthetically too. I especially valued her alignments from a female perspective and the experience from her own teaching and injuries that she shared with us. - Mandy Wright


Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Dubai Kreg Weiss

International Yoga presenter and exercise science specialist, Kreg Weiss Yoga (co-creator and co-founder of My Yoga Online), launched a grounding 100 hour Hatha Yoga program in Dubai teaching our participants the fundamentals of how to confidently create a Classical Hatha Yoga practice that weaves in the intelligence and integrity of western science. Our training began with an expansive exploration of functional anatomy, journey through in-depth applications of yoga postures, and conclude with multiple days of designing of yoga classes for a variety of clientele and demographics.

"Teaching in Dubai has become one of the most memorable and rewarding experiences, personally and professionally, thanks to the incredible organization by Noura of Yogalates Bliss in Dubai.  From the pre-event preparation to the followup process, Noura displayed such amazing dedication in making the workshop and classes fluid and enjoyable.  Noura's attention to detail (setting up accommodation, venue prep, marketing, etc) helped create a truly successful event and left me wanting to return to Dubai to share more teachings. " -  Kreg Weiss |  www.kregweiss.ca

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge, for being so inspiring and graceful. I have noticed what an impact your teaching already had on me after I gave a class this evening. One of my students from India came up to me and just patted my shoulders after the class. He said well done and walked away with a big smile. My style has been transformed, that much is sure" Mia Mutic

"I would like to express my appreciation. I really, really enjoy your course! It's a great opportunity to receive knowledge from you as a teacher.  Your classes are extremely informative and educative! I would definitely attend your classes very often if you would live in Dubai! Thank you so much for finding the time and visit Dubai! I hope we will be seeing you more often here" Elena Shpaltakova


"Thanks so much for today and all the previous days. It really has been extremely enlightening! You are in a class of your own...AWESOMENESS! :) You are truly a Yogi and living example of your teachings. Very rare!" Katrina Valente


"First of all I would like to thank you for these amazing breathtaking wow-days and all the knowledge you gave us. I found out about my body anatomy, how the bones, muscles and joints move under my skin and how they influence one another. Now I know how to bend forward safely for my spine and being “Bendy Wendy” is not always good. And not everyone can be as flexible as another. If one side of my body can do more than the other I should stop where the other side stops, without pushing my body. I can now explain how to safely move into Downward Dog, plank, dancing cat and how to specific muscles in these poses. I now know so much more! I love the mudras and pranayama and will integrate them in my daily practice.  Your approach to teaching is so unique and beautiful!" Daria Issina


"I love anatomy and I think it’s fascinating to truly understand how our body works. One of the best things about developing and having a yoga practice is how it connects us with our physical body. I remember when I started practicing yoga, even though I had been active my whole life, I start to discover my body in a whole new way. My muscles were opening up and it was a sort of re-discovering of each muscle, how they supported each other, which ones were working in each pose, etc. I simply loved the way Kreg made all the poses look so simple...thank you from the bottom of my heart" Nina Dubash


"Thank you again for such a fantastic course. You are a wonderful teacher and your knowledge and passion for your subject truly inspirational. In my next life, should I have one, I will be a yogi-physiotherapist and the anatomy-yoga encyclopedia that you are going to write will be my bible! If only I'd known 35 years ago that this is what I should have done" Anne van der Velden


"This was an unforgettable and new experience I have obtained from your training. From my perspective as a beginner, it was absolutely profound and very knowledgeable. You have a talent of teaching and delivering the information in a very comprehensive way that everyone would absorb and definitely apply in their practice" Julia


"Noura, as you told me before the workshop: you are going to love it, and this happened! Beside of being a wonderful "warmhearted" person, Kreg really wanted us to share and absorb as much as possible of his knowledge and his teaching. The material, the readings he gave us every day just excellent. I'm going back with both a broader knowledge and wider view on yoga and not JUST yoga. So thank you so much Noura for making this happen. You know you have my highest esteem!" Alessandra

"The Yogalates Bliss yoga teacher development workshop with Kreg Wiess was a fantastically informative and rewarding experience. The workshop was perfectly organized by the wonderful Noura El Imam, in the beautiful and supersonically serviced Balance 360 studio in the Oasis Mall. Kreg Wiess is a phenomenal master teacher and obviously put a huge amount of consideration and effort into the workshop. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to study with someone of his caliber. I would highly recommend Yogalates Bliss who always provide professionally organized and top quality trainings. Thank you! " Rebecca Silver

"Generous , responsible , attentive, competent & fun, what else could a student ask for ? Seriously! I guess we can get trained in many things in life, but I don't think we can teach people to carry a golden heart, or you have it or you don't. Kreg does ! Thanks Noura for organizing this workshop." Adriana MeBarr

"Just wanted to say thank you for organizing the training Noura. It was wonderful being with all the other equally wonderful participants and never I felt like an outsider. It was a very well organized event! " Shilpa

"I really enjoyed my 2 sessions with Kreg and each of them brought some interesting perspectives to my current practice. As soon as I enter the room I felt relax, at ease and ready to explore Kreg’s practice.. It was such a great feeling. What I really liked about these sessions was the connection I had to my body during the practice, to the postures and the way we worked on the transition between postures. Each transition allowed me to go deeper into the stretch, pushing boundaries without hurting my body. It was almost like the body was expanding as we were going through the sequences. I also had on both evenings of the sessions a very good energy. Thank you for this experience and I hope we will have more to come!  " K.M



NOVEMBER 2014 & 2015

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training with Sally Parkes in Dubai

This 85hour (7-das) comprehensive Pregnancy teacher training led by senior guest teacher Sally Parkes (BSc) from London, covers both pre + post natal and is grounded in sound physiology and anatomy as well as the more subtle aspects of yoga, the aim of which is to offer guidance towards a woman’s very special journey of pregnancy into motherhood. Sally's goal is to offer support and guidance to our trainees so they are fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise to deliver safe, effective and uplifting classes and one to ones. This is achieved via a combination of appropriate asana, pranayama, mudra and visualisations. The fourth trimester (postnatal stage) is also covered in great depth with topics on how yoga and methods developed from Sallys’ knowledge of Pilates and gentle exercise rehabilitation, can assist a mother's post-natal recovery. 

Training taught by Sally Parkes: www.sallyparkesyoga.com/

“Sally's 85-hour Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training has been such an eye opener experience for me.  Her passion was felt every step of the way and has opened my heart and soul in the curiosity of the changes a woman’s body undergoes during pregnancy. I am so psyched to be sharing everything I have learned from her and ease the process of pregnancy to all women in Abu Dhabi.”- Laura-Helene Kopinski

"I originally chose this course because I liked the idea of being able to immerse myself in the training.  I was also very impressed by the content that was offered with the course after researching many different ones.   I actually ended up loving the course even more than I thought I would.  Sally offered us so much information and at the same time building a fun, energised and nourished space.  We all had such a giggle but still coming away with so much in-depth information. It was a lovely space and the group were comfortable together from the beginning.  I found this to be one of the best trainings I have done and I would strongly recommend it to others.  I feel hugely grateful to Sally and the other ladies in my group for making it such a wonderful experience.  I already have some pregnant ladies signed up for private sessions." Abi Clancy

"I am so happy I signed up for Sally’s pregnancy yoga course! As a yoga teacher, I now feel empowered and ready (having gained all the insights and information) to teach expecting moms! Sally is truly a gentle, nurturing yogi and I am thankful to her for sharing with us her own journey with pregnancy and birth. There is so much to expect while ‘expecting’ and a practice in yoga is,  without a doubt,  a necessity for this special period in a woman’s life - this is an all encompassing practice addressing and easing the process of changes in a woman’s body, mind and spirit. I met an incredible group of ladies and learned so much from their experiences, attitudes and insights towards pregnancy and yoga. I thank Noura for organising this training and for making me feel welcome" Pem 

"This training has been an rich experience for the “practical” and “human” aspect. Sally is just spreading out warmth and kindness through her excellent teaching. I really appreciate her deep knowledge in this field of yoga and the way she can connect it with day to day real experience of being a mum. Academic knowledge strongly grounded in earth and always a fabulous sense of humour. We had a great learning experience. Once again, Noura you have chosen an outstanding person to teach us and let us grow. The workshops you organise are a real blessing for Dubai." Alessandra


Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Dubai

 Yoga Therapeutics 4-Day Intensive Training led by Ashleigh Sergeant introduced our trainees into a whole new exciting spectrum of Yoga therapeutics, covering topics around the upper and lower body, stress reduction and functional strength training with Yoga. Ashleigh meticulously demonstrated adjustments and alignments to efficiently relieve suffering caused by lower back pain, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, scoliosis, hamstring/groin tears, ankle and knee pain, shoulder and neck strain, rotator cuff injury, chronic headaches, TMJ, carpal tunnel syndrome, cartilage/ligament damage, neuroglandular imbalances, infertility and much more. Our trainees learned the body's Optimal Blueprint (the master design for optimal healing) in order to pinpoint and address specific root imbalances. Through precise and effective verbal and physical adjustments, they learned how to facilitate a rapid recovery and imprint healthy biomechanical patterns to prevent future injuries. For more information about Ashleigh's training, visit : www.ashleighsergeant.com  

"This workshop has been so transformative for me on many different levels. It has reaffirmed my interest in teaching yoga as a way to help people take care of themselves and heal from whatever issues arise within their bodies because of our modern day lifestyle. I feel like I understand yoga and its benefits on a much deeper level as I personally got to experience what Ashleigh explained about yoga healing people through correcting old patterns of misalignment within the body. Ashleigh has been so warm and forthcoming and truly took the time to answer each of our questions thoroughly and make sure all our concerns were addressed. I’m so thankful to Ashleigh and Noura for being so kind and helpful throughout the entire process (from registration to the actual workshop) and for delivering such a high caliber workshop! I’m also very grateful to have shared this experience with all the lovely ladies I got to meet." Aisha Fakhro

"Ashleigh is a truly genuine and lovely person to be around. Her teaching and instructions are clear and it’s definitely worth taking this workshop.Thank you, Noura, for bringing yet another great yogi teacher and for enlightening my mind." Kirsten Tietz

"Many thanks to Noura, this course was so great. I feel like I have learnt more from Ashleigh then I did in my 200hr teacher training. She was so knowledgeable and willing to share this information with us all. Once again the organization, venue, response to questions and time for each trainee from Noura was fantastic." Lauren Brown


PranaVayu is an American style of Vinyasa yoga - designed by David Magone in Boston - to lead you to heights of physical and mental achievement that you might never have thought possible. Challenging unexamined yoga orthodoxies with its innovative system of skeletal alignment and incorporating Buddhist-inspired techniques for the cultivation of mental awareness and peace, PranaVayu is unlike any form of yoga practiced today.  We are so proud of our first PranaVayu Yoga graduates we are excited to offer you a powerful Pranavayu Vinyasa Yoga class across the Middle East!  For more information on the Pranavayu style, visit www.pranavayu.com 

"David's teaching style is second to none. His knowledge and passion for his subject matter is truly inspirational. I feel very fortunate to have been taught by him as the founder of Pranavayu and to be one of his first group and international students. Any teacher that comes after him will have a hard act to follow. The course exceeded my expectations at the highest standard. I cannot recommend it highly enough! " Ruth Kellow 

"I had an amazing time. Because the training was structured, my learning process was much easier. I felt supported in who I am instead of being pushed in a box that I don’t fit. The tools were really useful and well planned. I will recommend it for sure." Catherine Paradis 

"I highly recommend the PranaVayu course to anyone considering a 200hr yoga TT.  The course is extremely well structured and everything is explained in a very clear and concise manner. No minute is wasted. David Magone is an exquisite teacher and a delightful person to deal with. Truly professional, incredibly knowledgeable and unbelievably patient.  David is a great living example of the philosophy that he proclaims and it sets the bar high (in a good way) for those of us who feel inspired by him. Thank you for everything David!" Eva

"From the first class I had with David I thought...'THAT is the kind of yoga teacher I want to be!' He is supportive, kind, easy going and has just an overall peaceful way about him. I had told some of the other girls...'nice people gravitate to david!' Since this is my second class with him I can honestly say it's true. I'm still in touch with several girls that I met on my first course with David. I've learned so much from this course and David has been so supportive of all of us girls. He is one brave soul to take on so many of us all at once. This has been one of the best experiences of my life and I will be forever changed because of him. I hope I can do his hard work justice in my classes." Jade 

"This course is well rounded, thought about and the delivery on David’s part was second to none. We have been given strong tools to work with after the course and David has made himself accessible even after he has finished the course which is admirable and shows that he cares about the course content and believes in his product. During the course we have been constantly encouraged and gained confidence everyday. The course is intense but well worth giving up 3 weeks of your life for. Well done David, you have created a yoga practice that is truly outstanding, I am very proud to be associated and part of it." Jo Winstanley

"This entire process has motivated me to be a better and more aware person. I am in awe of how far I have come in my practice, David was such an amazing teacher and supporter, he definitely has sparked a fire in me that I hope will burn till the day I die. " Julianne Andrews

WITH GREVILLE HENWOOD from los angeles
2014 + 2015 + 2016

Dubai Children Groovy Kids Yoga Teacher Training

GroovyKids Yoga Teacher Training program revolves around different approaches to teaching yoga to kids from the logic, sequencing and benefits behind each approach and it’s effectiveness in different settings, be it in a dedicated yoga studio, a school, a small group class in a private home or even individual private classes. Participants had the hands-on training in real live setting with children taught by Greville on day 2, for a deeper and more confident understanding. This training opened the doors to moms, yoga teachers and school teachers having them walk away with a solid foundation in putting together a creative, joyful and intelligent GroovyKids Yoga sequences! 

The Groovykids yoga training has left me humbled and inspired. The training felt light but energetic. Watching the kids yoga demo was ultimate joy. Greville was great in sharing information, answering questions, demonstrating practical application as well. The 15 hours as a whole were a safe space to express myself and not feel any pressure, as well as inspire me to dive into teaching kids yoga. This is my second training with yogalates bliss Dubai, and I can safely say it won't be my last. Always connecting me to beautiful souls, sharing amazingly positive energy, and lifting my spirits. - Aisha 

I discovered that we should always make life fun, practice positively around us. At a young age children imitate adults, so we should help children grow happy, balanced, flexible, creative, proud of themselves, true to themselves, secure to try and be the best they can be, without any judgment or comparison. Through this Groovy Kids Teacher Training, I  re-learnt the importance of smile, fun, games, eye to eye contact. Yoga practice had already transformed me in various ways, but in this training, I was once again transformed… Positive, happy, empowering adults will teach children to become the same, GROOVY Kids! I am already a Mat Pilates instructor, PT, pre and post natal fitness trainer and my love for outdoor sports has become a passion. Now that I also have my own 3 kids, I am very attracted to physical education for children. Yoga is more than that, it is a way of life and through this training, I truly would like to teach young kids to become creative, physically active and in due time understand more about yoga. Now all I have to do is practice, get a class going and go for it. Thank you Greville for giving me the Groove! - Sara Bagnuoli 

Since I haven’t been to any Yoga workshops I had no idea what to expect but the minute I signed up for the course I knew that something great was going to happen simply because of the organiser - Noura. Since I sent the request to her, she responded both in emails and via phone call immediately and I felt connected with her. Followed by all the obstacles and questions, Noura was so helpful and patient to answer and help. Greville is also a very passionate and energetic Yoga teacher. His love and joy for teaching the course has inspired all the students to want to be a better Yoga teacher to our kids. Both of them are truly a great partners for this Groovy Kid Yoga! It was a - Blissful experience. ~ Sandra Elwell

I am so deeply grateful! Greville shared so much of his passion and knowledge and i’ll do my best to spread the joy and help make this world a groovier place. it was a heartwarming, inspiring and educating experience, THANK YOU! And a million thanks to Noura for the opportunity! It was perfectly arranged from A-Z, you thought of everything  and we felt welcomed and inspired. It is a pleasure knowing you.- Fadwa Alqahtani 

Being a first time mom and dedicated yogi, little did I know how much yoga can be so fun for kids, curious to know more, I attended Grevilles course. Greville was able to put all his teachings and philosophy in action. I would recommend it in a heartbeat to absolutely anyone interested in teaching yoga to kids or to any parent. The abundance of practice teaching time throughout the training was really helpful, and left me feeling prepared and confident to teach. It’s hard for me to choose just one part of the training that I learned the most from, because I learned so much in such a short time! Thank you! - Mona Salmeen


Attending the kids training class with groovykids was a very interesting experience. In this 2 days class, I learned a lot more about yoga & about kids than I expected. Most importantly I learned that yoga can teach kids how to be happy, be themselves, bring out whatever inside of them and no matter what, we will not judge them & we will love them unconditionally. It is ok to fail, it is ok to fall & rise again and to never give up. There are no winners, we are all equal & connected somehow. It teaches kids to appreciate the surroundings, be positive, laugh, live the moment & connect. This class is exactly what I needed to be able to decide on teaching kids yoga. I love kids & to make them happy, I am happy. – Sundus


AUGUST, 2013

200hr Dubai Yoga Teacher Training Instructor Course

Back to Dubai for a second 200hour Yoga Teacher Training, Erica Blitz led yet, another stellar training teaching and graduating 26 students on a four-week intensive Yoga Alliance Approved Teacher Training (Teaching School: Inquire + Inspire).  With the deepest intention of inspiring others to cultivate personal power, Erica's teaching are known for being insightful, fun and challenging. She uses the arena of yoga to challenge her students to explore their potential on the mat and take that playful curiosity into the rest of their lives to spark a sense that anything and everything is possible. Much more than just a certificate, all participants graduated with a strong understanding of the science of alignment, the astuteness of Ashtanga, the creative flow of Vinyasa, and the life-affirming essence of Anusara.

We were told to trust the process. Erica builds the perfect nest. She makes you gather twigs together and share your own aprehensions about flight.  She soars with you, glides below you as you find your winds and then sets you free. My yoga horizons are limitless because I had the best teacher. She taught me even more than I thought I knew about humility, love, and gratitude. She gave me wings that will always keep me skyward. I would return to her nest in a heartbeat! - Brittany Beltram

This was my first yoga teacher training and I felt it was put together in an excellent manner. I am so comfortable with the basics and foundation that now I feel I can go deeper into shorter courses and different yoga styles. My confidence has increased and most of all, the training was FUN! - Zarmina

I have great admiration of Erica! Excellent teacher and inspiring yoga instructor. She has a great way of explaining each aspect and eventually integrating them. And ofcourse, Noura's support throughout the course was great and appreciated! - Kristin Dimitrova

I came for healing and to extend my portfolio and I left with deep connectons to extraordinary women/man - a new community. I feel ready to teach beginners. I will endeavor to keep up a regular yoga practice and will now explore yoga practices within my community. Another step forward towards living an authentic life with an awesome outlook! - Corinna 

MAY 23 - 26, 2013

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai

Classical hatha yoga is the foundation from which all genres of yoga evolved.  This 30 hour (4 day) teacher training series led by Kreg Weiss, a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher and Kinesiologist (exercise science) based in Canada and the co-founder of My Yoga Online, the leading global resource for online yoga videos, explored an integrative approach of classical yoga for modern day applications. In this program, students learned how to build a hatha sequence from the foundation of classical postures to create unified yoga practices that are functional, safe, intelligent, invigorating, accessible and relevant for a wide range of demographics.

"I’ve often been told that yoga is for everyone. As an aspiring teacher who’s beginning her own journey, I wondered about the accuracy of that statement, and the depth of knowledge necessary to assimilate students into a practice that was safe and right for each of them.I found, and began following Kreg Weiss' blog after I injured myself. I ached for practical advice about the biomechanics of my own body, relative to my yoga practice. I’d already heard wonderful things about Noura El-Imam, and signed up for the 2013 summer 200hr Vinyasa Teacher Training. Thanks to all of the positive buzz about workshops she’d facilitated here in Dubai, once Kreg’s 4 day intensive was announced, I knew I had to be there. He did not disappoint.  He teaches with the same passion and vigor that initially captivated me in his blog. The information at first glance appears dense and complex, but he breaks down all facets of his seminar with meticulously crafted presentations that are chocked full of well-labeled diagrams, and his own personal notes to guide you through each discussion. He injects humor and humility into every aspect of his training program. It is like having coffee with a friend; the crazy good kind of friend, that overflows with so much love for what they do, that their passion pours through them whenever they talk about it...you can’t help but to follow their lead. Kreg also made it a point to make himself available for discussions, individual guidance and post-seminar Q&A. 

At some point in the training, we discussed meditation and finding that stillness in between everything that creates static in our lives. I find that idea applicable to what I’ve learned in his seminar. We covered many aspects ‘between’: the bones, spirituality and practicality, flows for mixed level abilities and posture levels conducive to different anatomical variations. I believe this course could be beneficial for all yoga teachers. We preach within our community that yoga is in fact for everyone. In modern society, most have been conditioned differently-anatomically, by our ever-evolving social behavior, than those who initially practiced the ancient art. Being adaptive makes our guidance safer and more inclusive; the true meaning of Namaste- a welcome greeting for all. Kreg, taught me how I can better speak yoga to everyone, and for that I am thankful; my foundation in teaching feels solid and grounded. - Brittany Beltram

For me, the four days was a wonderful combination of theory and practice, delivered and presented in an accessible way. The workshop built on my recent teacher training in a more intelligent and safer approach - Melanie Morgan George (RYT-500)

Kreg is the bomb! I can now see why Noura was so enthusiastic about him when I made my initial enquiry. He's informative, talented and entertaining - while being very patient with all of our questions, willing to go back and review information to our satisfaction. I now have very high expectations of my next yoga training with Yogalates Bliss! - Sarah Jane 

Thank you Noura for bringing Kreg to Dubai. Great insight to body anatomy and its implications for each and every "body" and how to adapt classes to different clientele. Very inspiring! - Jackie Day

APRIL 4TH-8TH, 2013

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with David Magone Dubai - Yogalates Bliss

This foundational training led by David Magone - founder of Pranavayu in Boston, invited our participants all of the basic skills and techniques needed to begin offering their own dynamic Pranavayu Vinyasa yoga classes. Since establishing the PranaVayu style in 2001, David Magone has spent most of his time developing more efficient ways to practice yoga. PranaVayu, a unique style of Vinyasa yoga that is at once both physical and meditative in nature, was designed to lead participants to great heights of physical and mental achievement as quickly as possible. The practice challenges unexamined yoga orthodoxies with its scientific approach to postural sequencing and engineering-based alignment methodologies. With over 15 students onboard a stellar training with David - also rated as Boston's number 1 Yoga Teacher of 2013, they have come out as strong , confident Vinyasa Yoga Teachers today!

"Working with Noura was a real pleasure.  If you're considering offering a training in Dubai, you'll be hard pressed to find a better workshop host.  She's highly organized and focused, and she really understands how to get the word out about the yoga training programs that she offers in the U.A.E.  She's a consummate professional in every way, and a truly gracious host.  I'd definitely recommend her and her training programs to anyone.  – David Magone, founder of Pranavayu Vinyasa Yoga in Boston, U.S.A  

Loved, loved, loved the teaching style! Great to breakdown concepts, demonstrate, explain and get ourselves in the position of teaching and repeat! David’s personality is approachable, understanding, available and humble. Great depth of knowledge and willingness to share or pass on links was most helpful. I feel much more confident in sequencing and enjoy the flexibility and creativity allowed in the asanas and paradigms. I had a fantastic week, thank you! – Katherine

This training is almost the best step I‘ve ever taken to cross off my “start yoga teaching” on my bucket list. It fed my passion & confirmed my desire to teach. I’m so thankful for both my new knowledge and the opportunity to meet the greatest most random group of like-minded people! – Hala

David’s style is very easy to follow and to assimilate previous learnings to his fundamentals. I feel as if I finally have the building blocks for a safe and effective vinyasa flow! The scientific reasoning gave me greater confidence to teach alignment - Mandy

JUNE 24-JULY 17, 2012

200 hour Dubai Yoga Teacher Training Certification - Yogalates Bliss

Held at the breathtaking premise of Skydive Dubai overlooking the ocean with 19 radiant trainees , this intensive 200hr, level 1 Yoga teacher training led by Erica Blitz (www.ericablitz.com) co-director of YYOGA Studios in Canada   was grounded in the Krishnamacharya lineage with a discipline in creative Vinyasa flow, elements of Ashtanga and the life-affirming essence of Anusara. The icing on the training? Meeting His Highness Sheikh Hamdan (Crown Prince of Dubai) - image (on the left) at his premise of Skydive Dubai. Definitely a 'royal seal of yoga-approval' ! For more images  CLICK HERE

"Noura has been one of the best facilitator's I have worked with. She is true to her work and her beliefs and is no doubt a leader in her community that is apparent through the continuous teachings she offers. Noura's dedication to her work is distinct as she is constantly bringing innovation to her work by growing the yoga community and helping her students deepen their commitment to yoga. While remaining focused and humble, she has built an innovative business and caters to her students and guest teacher's in every way imaginable. Always proactive, positive, professional and FUN, Noura will be sure to address all the details and components in a timely fashion to make a training/workshop successful. Generous with her time, energy and spirit, Noura is a delight to work with. I would work with her again and again. She comes with my highest recommendation!!!" ~  Erica Blitz (E-RYT 200)  

It was a big step to leave the corporate world to fulfill a dream of becoming a yoga teacher, I was waiting for the right time in my life and the right teacher. Noura convinced me that Erica Blitz was the right teacher and she was sooo right!  Erica's energy, passion, attention to detail, extensive knowledge and dedication to each student is inspirational. The course is intense and a life changing experience and I'm so glad that it was Erica who opened that door and guided us expertly and compassionately through it.  I loved taking the course in Dubai, as we created a community of yoga teachers in Dubai who can now help and support each other. I now teach full time in Dubai and simply love it, yoga is a growing community in Dubai and Noura passes on yoga teacher request to the graduates which has been so helpful. The demand for good teachers is high, so if you're pondering, wondering....take the plunge and you will not be disappointed.  – Camilla Way

The manual was very helpful, well organized with a lot of structured information, pictures and tables. I loved Erica! She was competent, professional, supportive and motivating all throughout the training with a big smile! She inspired us and truly made us happy on this yoga teacher's training ~ Dessi K.

Teaching is not only about the learning material you find in a book. A lot has to do with the teacher! Erica transfers all of her knowledge to fulfill the different layers of your being, not only the superficial layer that I was expecting to fulfill. – Jihane G.

April &  May 2012

This enriching 30hr Yin Yoga workshop led by Corina Benner (www.wakeupyoga.com) booked out, twice, by very popular demand! Our students learned how to apply the passive form of yoga into their own practice and infuse the nourishing poses towards a more active Yang class. Yin Yoga deeply opens up the hips, enhances mobility in the shoulders and maintains the health and vitality of the spine.  

"Noura is an absolute dream to work with. She invited me to come to Dubai to teach a 200-hour Foundational Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Program, for which she delivered a room filled with interested students in a beautiful and convenient location. She is a marketing genius, and is absolutely committed to ensuring that the programs she sponsors meet the expectations of the students she enrolls. She met with interested students, fielded all questions and concerns, handled all financial matters in a thorough and transparent manner, and even made sure that each student was able to acquire all of the books on the required reading list. Throughout the entire registration process Noura kept me in the loop, and she also went out of her way to ensure that I was well cared for in Dubai. 

My accommodation was perfect, and I didn't even have to worry about how I was getting to and from work. Noura took care of everything so that all I had to do was show up and teach ... this is a yoga teacher's dream! She is detail-oriented, focused, and bubbling over with enthusiasm and energy. She is a savvy business woman who understands the importance of delivering a good product, and she loves what she does. I feel very fortunate to have met her, and look forward to future collaborations." ~  
Corina Benner, Director of Wake Up Yoga LLC
in Philadelphia, U.S.A.

I loved every minute of the Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Corina Benner - the perfect compliment and balance to all the Yang activities in my life !  I look forward to incorporating everything we learned into Mountain High programs and inspiring more people to go within and experience the quiet power of  Yin !  A big thanks to Noura for setting it up at Balance - great venue , great teacher, fabulous students.”  Julie Lewis, Mountain High 

“Noura, just a quick note to thank you very much for facilitating a wonderful Yin TT programme with Corina. She was knowledgeable, eloquent and gave everyone a nurturing environment in which to learn. I gained so much insight from the four days spent with her and feel that I can now safely spread the practice of Yin Yoga on to others.” Melanie MG

“I cant deny that on Day 1 of Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Corina, I was skeptical. Having practiced Ashtanga for some time now, the thought of holding a pose for 5 minutes rather than 5 breaths was a little bizarre.  Day 2, I became curious.  I was intrigued to learn about connective tissue, fascia & the importance of Anatomical Differences, the overlay of the Koshas and more.  Corina has a beautifully clear, humorous and poetic delivery.  Overall it’s been a fabulous experience, leaving me feeling renewed, awakened & eager to explore further. And if that wasn't enough already, we all met as strangers & by Day 4 walked away as friends!  Thank you Noura and Corina for bringing a new light to Dubai.” Sonali Edwards


Zanzibar Dubai Yoga Retreat

 "Seven days ago, we were all having breakfast in Fumba beach lodge for the last day before heading back home. Had a great experience, lifted up our spirits and pushed away all the negative energy. " Take in the richness of breath & positive thinking-watch your life expand with greatness" - Yasmin Al Amrawy  

View full Retreat Album here: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjwtKJTn

 JULY 2011

Dubai 200hr Yoga Teacher Training - Yogalates Bliss

This 200hr Yoga Teacher Training will guide you to experience & free yourself of false limitations and empower you to assist others. Gabrielle will draw on her extensive yoga practice and training (with dozens of modern masters), and invite you dive deeply into a spectrum of today's yogic styles, including Jivamukti, Iyengar, Ashtanga and more. Discover how you share yoga by learning what's come before you. In the training we experience the essence of Yoga through a unique and holistic synthesis of the best possible methods, harmonized through the timeless wisdom of ancient scripture and philosophy applied in a contemporary context. The revolutionary model of the Vibrant Living Yoga Teacher Training intensive benefits from today`s top teachers to illuminate a curriculum that is as thorough as it is diverse.