The UAE has always been a positive game changer across the Arab world.

It goes without saying that the XYoga festival which took place on February 19-20, 2016 was another inspiring wellness initiative by Dubai and it was an honor to have been invited by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum | Fazza​ | Crown Prince of Dubai to introduce 5 year old Mohammed to yoga and put together a mini campaign for the festival.

Click on the video [top left] to watch my collaboration with Moe for XYoga Dubai! 

Sheikh Hamdan - Yogalates Bliss in Dubai - Noura El-Imam - Skydive Dubai

"A huge thank you to Noura for her incredible Yogalates Bliss in Dubai touch! Noura's attention to detail, professionalism and friendly sunshine vibes made my last year's 200 HR yoga teacher training with Erica Blitz a smooth and fun experience - I didn't expect anything less. Always super fast and happy to help, endlessly supportive and I would highly recommend any of her services to anyone interested in diving into the yoga world - only the best of the best pass her seal of approval and that's abundantly clear in the caliber of trainings she facilitates and the quality of teachers she flies in! Can't wait to see what she does next! No detail goes unnoticed, no concern unattended to.

I definitely believe anyone working with Noura to create wellness + biz magic would probably be making the smartest and most fulfilling business and life decision ever. A pioneer in Dubai in the yoga and entrepreneurial world; her solid background in marketing and business and social media savvy as well as her touch for connecting people, cross-cultural mastery and creating incredible events and opportunities is unique and powerful. I've watched her go from strength to strength over the years and am humbled and inspired all the time.

If you are on the fence about giving your business a boost with Noura's support - I would say go for it! You will never look back; just one conversation can shift perceptions, educate and empower you to get on track to your vision in record time. Always encouraging, friendly, supportive, Noura will help you expand your ability to reach the clients you want and create the life you dream of. I know because that's what she's done for me...THANK YOU NOURA! - Heba Othman, Wellness & Health Coach at

"As both a teacher and student connected with Noura's Yogalates Bliss I can honestly say that her teacher trainings and classes have helped me to deepen my practice and understanding of yoga. The Fraser Suites location for classes is convenient and offers a stunning view as students flow through their yoga practice. I participated in the Yin Yoga teacher training which has not only made me more marketable as a yoga teacher but expanded my knowledge and practice of yoga in areas previously unfamiliar to me. Her love of cooking and healthy eating has also encouraged her to share delicious recipes with her 'followers' and I can happily say that I have had the great fortune of sampling some delicious recipes. Noura really strives to encompass yogic philosophy in connecting the mind, body and soul through classes, trainings, recipes and the like. Many thanks, Noura, for helping to improve the lives and wellbeing of many!" Julie Campos

"First of all, Noura has this amazing ability to bring people together. She has contributed tremendously in the establishment of yoga in Dubai and her continuous efforts are keeping it alive and strong. Her hard work in bringing some of the best "Teacher Trainings" and other yoga workshops to the Dubai yoga community has been and continues to be incredibly helpful and beneficial for us all. Her positive outlook and passion for life, makes you want to take part in anything she does. Whether it is related to yoga, photography, horses, food, etc, she makes it look and feel so revitalising! A true inspirational and wonderful woman! Thanks Noura for your energetic and vibrant self!" Andree Clement

"Noura has that enlightened awareness of whom to bring here in Dubai to lead classes. I have finished one course which she hosted and I've got a few more courses on my list to do under Yogalates Bliss! Plus, the fact that not only she brings teachers and students together, she also brings employers and employees together to meet in one place. This is where I get to know Yoga Ashram and got hired as a manager. ;) All my love and all the best to you, soul sister!" Lizel Cabucana-Cameron

"I came across Noura, her yoga classes in Dubai and her work, through a mutual friend. I was interested in yoga and was considering, at the time, a program to become qualified in teaching. I decided through email correspondence to take the plunge and begin my training journey towards a deeper practice. Noura's command of knowledge regarding the yoga community and the instructors she was bringing in, is what made me decide wholeheartedly to pursue my desires here, instead of going home to the United States. Noura is an excellent facilitator who means what she says and gets the job done. So far, I've done four trainings through Noura, including my 200 hour. Every event gave me what I anticipated! Each training was thorough and the logistics were handled smoothly, creating a drama-free environment; every question answered, no response ominous. Noura's energy, positivity and vitality is infectious; that's evident when you see teachers traveling far distances to share their knowledge and continuing to come back! Dubai deserves great yoga teachers. We are a fast-paced, transient community – always moving, giving, growing – forward. Thankfully, there are people like Noura to address and invest in the health and well-being of this great city! I will always be back to expand my education through the trainings and workshops that Yogalates Bliss provides; I am beyond satisfied!" Brittany Beltram

"Noura is a very gifted and talented yoga instructor who had worked hard to get herself where she is right now. Me, as a former professional dancer and performer that used to attend various dance schools courses with top quality teachers, am graceful to join her yogalates and appreciate everything she brings within the class. Her lessons are mixture of exercises that relax and stretch muscles (yoga) and at the same time build the strength (pilates). Her inner voice that she is lead by allows to bring the best out of each individual potential of her students and give them the most – amazing class after which you feel that you are limitless and can achieve everything you aim for.” ---Linda Turcerova

Noura is a dynamic and delightful, extremely talented individual. We met on a professional basis, when I attended one of the courses she so expertly organized and we have been friends ever since. Her personality and zest for life engulf everyone she meets and everything she does. I cannot recommend her services highly enough. I find Noura to be driven, dedicated, reliable and vibrantly creative. Get to know Noura & change your life!" --Rebecca Silver

"No matter how exhausted, stressed or frustrated I come to Noura's classes, I always leave with a smile on my face. Her Yogalates class usually starts with a short warm up, followed by a nice mix of Yoga moves and Pilates work out. I especially like the fact that Noura always makes me try a bit harder every time, but not too hard. She is a highly professional instructor, always there to assist or give advice. Noura always comes well prepared to her classes, is motivating and good-humored. I very much look forward to have many more classes with Noura, our Yogalates Sunshine -- Martina Rohner

"I've been taking Noura's Yogalates class for several months and I find her instruction to be clear and direct. I am confident I am doing the moves correctly as I can see her checking on the class frequently to make sure everyone is in the correct positions. She is motivational, not only because of her positive attitude but also because she has a strong and lean physique that everyone in the class can aspire to. I am also almost able to touch my toes now, thanks to Noura, which is high praise indeed." --Dawn Montgomery